Our goals

  • Make it easy for our clients to run their business
  • Enable our clients to focus on the core of their business, while we take care of the rest
  • Support, secure, advise in aspects of rent and maintenance of properties
  • Professionalism and passion

Services consolidation

We offer complete consolidation of the services to take responsibility for entirety of the property

  • Property Management - oversight of contractors, services, media, insurance agencies
  • Tech support on the property
  • Cleaning services - permanent cleaning personnel
  • Security of the property and surrounding terrain - including planning of efficient security
  • Evidence of legally bound documents and registers
  • Cost management - optimization, yearly budgets
  • Support in the process of building, renting, working with tenants
  • Space adaptation design and work

We hire around 50 professionals to actively support our services

We work locally, using world class standards

Adaptation works include project, permits and execution

Sample interior designs we made and executed

Tech support

  • Managing technical equipment
  • Tech support, both on call and permanent staff
  • Fast and responsive service
  • Equipment provisioning and installation

Cleaning Services

We hire managers that work with cleaning services businesses for over 10 years.

  • everyday cleaning of office and tech space
  • night hours cleaning
  • top-down cleaning after equipment mounting, adaptation works and others
  • external space cleaning
  • exterior, garden, lawn and others (including winter time)