8 years of experience in property management

Our offer

We collaborate with established clients, engineers, lawyers and construction managers. We work locally using world class standards. We gathered experience during 8 years long cooperation with global firms renting space in southern Poland - Swiss Banks, petrochemical company, outsourcing companies.

Services consolidation

One of our priorities is to provide complete set of services and take care of every needed aspect of the property. In that way our clients can focus on what they value and excel at.

  1. Property Management - oversight of contractors, services, media, insurance agencies
  2. Tech support on the property
  3. Cleaning services - permanent cleaning personnel
  4. Security of the property and surrounding terrain - including planning of efficient security
  5. Evidence of legally bound documents and registers
  6. Cost management - optimization, yearly budgets
  7. Support in the process of building, renting, working with tenants
  8. Space adaptation design and execution
Please contact us for an offer tailored to your needs.

Selected adaptation we designed and executed